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Here are some of the diagnostic and treatment services and their descriptions offered at Kripa Clinic.



Gynecological problems are dealt with by thorough investigation. Conservation of the anatomy is aimed at when it is reasonable to do so. If surgery is the best option, Laparoscopic surgery is also offered wherever feasible.



Systematic Antenatal care with special emphasis on high risk obstetrics leading to deliveries in hospital of the clients choice from centers both near the clinic or in the heart of the city. Emphasis is given to exercise and the right type of nutrition. Early pregnancy ultrasound and first trimester screening are done by the doctor herself which helps streamline on going treatment. Obstetric emergencies are easy to deal with because of the availability of this expertise.



With the rising incidence of infertility in our country, methodical investigation for the cause of infertility and diagnostic processes are offered to the client. Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures associated with infertility are done to help with diagnosis and treatment of the problem. Ultrasound for infertility related studies are done in the clinic itself, which makes it more convenient for the patient and makes the study more comprehensive.



Cancers of the female genital tract are those of the endometrium, the cervix and the ovaries. Routine screening is offered in this area. Pap smears for the cervix, with enhanced visualization using a mobile colposcope is done and high risk cases are screened without delay. Problems of the endometrium are picked up with the trans vaginal ultra sound and followed up accordingly.


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